Thursday, 6 April 2017

Best Make Pellet Fuel from Paper

Many people have heard of wood and grass pellet fuel but I suppose not many people know about other types of pellet fuels. One of these is paper pellets. I know you are asking yourself how papers can be used to make pellet fuel. This type of fuel is ecofriendly since instead of using wood you are going to use waste paper. By following the steps below you will realize how easy it is to make pellet fuel from papers.

1)    The first thing you need to do is to have the papers you are going to use to make paper pellets. You can use old newspapers, used envelopes, your shopping bag(if it is made of paper), old carton boxes etc.

2)    Put the papers in a hammer mill if you have one or a paper shredder for those that lack a hammer mill. Use a bucket or some other container to collect the shredded paper.

3)    Feed the shredded paper into the pellet machine and place a collecting bag at the chute of the pelletizer. Your paper pellets will come out of the chute ready for use.

This procedure requires a lot of papers. Thus, you should ensure that you have enough papers before proceeding with the process. Since you are going to use a lot of papers, it is advisable to use a hammer mill to shred the papers as the normal paper shredder may not be able to handle bulk shredding.

You should allow your shredded papers to dry so that pelletsdo not come out mushy. But at the same time if they are too dry they will not hold together.

 Moisture content should be about 10%. When shredding your papers, you should do so in a room that has adequate circulation of air since there will be a lot of dust produced.If you are not careful this dust can ignite. It is also advisable to wear protective gear to shield yourself from the dust.

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